TOP 3 of Most Expensive French Sport Cars

1- Bugatti : « La voiture noire »

The car the most expensive of the world is French.

Presented at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show, La Voiture noire  (2019) was conceived as an “authentic haute couture piece”.

This is a tribute to the fourth Atlantic, a black car that has disappeared since the Second World War, the embodiment of pure elegance and refinement.

This is an exclusive model produced in a single copy. Under its sleek, glossy black carbon fibre bodywork – entirely handmade at the brand’s production site in Molsheim, it houses an eight-litre W16 engine and develops 1500 horsepower and 1600 Nm. The price : 11 million euros.

Bugatti is a french brand (form Alsace), member of the famous Comité Colbert.

The highest level of automotive haute ciuture one can reach

2- Chiron Sport “110 years Bugatti”

Only 20 Chiron Sport “110 years Bugatti” are planned.

This special series of cars is distinguished by its exclusive blue tint, which differs in appearance depending on the painted elements (carbon or aluminium), the French flag on the mirrors and rear spoiler, the commemorative badge on the tank cap, or its specific upholstery.

The “110 years of Bugatti” edition is equipped with the Sky View glass roof.

Under the hood, we find the W16 8L quadriturbo from Molsheim still developing 1,500 hp, capable of propelling the coupé at 100 km/h in 2.4s and up to 420 km/h at the top. The price of this special series has not been communicated. The Chiron Sport is posted at €2.65 million.

3- Akylone (Genty automobile)

Thanks to its harmonious lines enhanced by its exceptional finish, it is the heir to the values of prestigious craftsmanship in France.

AKYLONE is the result of a unique technical expertise combined with the most advanced materials. This supercar represents the subtle alchemy between uncompromising performance and the emotion that a real piece of art can evoke. Only fifteen units will be produced in cut version, then 10 in roadsters. (more than 1million€)

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