TOP 3 of Precious French Lighting Fixtures

  1. Rêve de Louis x Lucibel : Kubya

The most luxurious lamp of the world is french…

Rêve de Louis, a company specialising in the creation of luxury and high jewellery items, has teamed up with the French group Lucibel, the expert in new generation lighting solutions based on LED technology, to create Kubya.

The “Kubya” lamp was created after two years of development. The creation is halfway between nomadic furniture and haute-jewellery inspired by the 1930s. Published in only 9 copies, the lamp is priced at 165,000 euros.

The object is made of three noble materials: carbon, gold 18 carats and 19 diamonds. Once varnished, carbon, a material used in very high technology, gives light a perfect texture.

The other particularity of the Kubya lamp is that it can be switched on and off without being touched, by only moving its hand over the carbon foot. This innovative and emotional lighting required a high level of control over the propagation of waves in the carbon.

2- Delisle

For this historial brand (120 years of history), each piece is a work of art.

For five generations, their commitment has been to perpetuate the tradition of beauty and excellence by using proven craft techniques and noble materials.

This french house designs and manufactures special models for the world’s most prestigious clients such as the Metropolitan Museum and Plazza Athénée Hotel New York, the Four Seasons George V and Shangri-La Paris, the Grand Trianon and the Versailles Opera House, and a large number of international private clients.

3- Thierry Vidé Design

This french house creates and edits contemporary lighting fixtures in mirror polished perforated stainless steel.

Real luminous sculptures produced in limited edition or made to measure, these top-of-the-range objects are made in a traditional way in their Parisian workshop.

The timeless elegance of the curves, juxtaposed with a resolutely contemporary material, sculpts light to create a unique, warm and airy atmosphere.

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