TOP 3 of the Most Refined Porcelain Brands

The porcelain manufacturing process was developed by the Chinese in the 12th century. But it was the French manufactors who gave it its letters of nobility.

1- Bernardaud

From jewellery to tableware and interior decoration, Bernardaud declines porcelain with elegance and taste, and each of the brand’s creations is synonymous with luxury and French distinction since 1900.

Integrated into the Bernardaud group since 1986, the old « Manufacture Royale » is, on its own, a small piece of French history. By reproducing identical original 18th and 19th century pieces preserved in museums, Bernardaud contributes to the preservation of a know-how associated with an extremely rich heritage.

Bernardaud is a member of the famous Comité Colbert.

2- Artoria

This is a french family house with its historical know-how since 1920.

ARTORIA is the specialist in Limoges Porcelain Bottling.

Its mastery of the various manufacturing processes has enabled it to develop a corking system that ensures absolutely perfect sealing for all types of bottles intended for food alcohols.

Its technical and artistic know-how, the quality of its productions make ARTORIA the reference in this filed for any specific request from companies, designers, museums, luxury brands known worldwide. It has collaborated with major luxurious brands such as Guerlain.

3- Pillivuyt

The Pillivuyt porcelain factory perpetuates an ancestral and artisanal know-how since 200 years.

Thanks to its creations, the manufactory has won 5 consecutive medals at various World Fairs: the 1855 in Paris, the 1862 in London, the 1867 in Paris, the 1878 in Paris and the 1889 in Paris.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Pillivuyt has created products that have become emblematic today, such as the Bistrot cup and the Lion Head soup tureen. Today, its master porcelain makers perpetuate their ancestral know-how, valuing 100% French manufacture and quality.

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